Now my head hurts. My thoughts then are how does the counter weight affect that. After studying the physics of the golf swing for many years and written a paper on Scientific Matching of Golf Clubs I have developed a method, named BioMatch, that calculates the optimum mass of each of your clubs. What is the bounce of a golf club? Currently they have licensed a network of clubmakers and golf teachers around the country. What does 3i mean on a golf club?

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PGA Tour 17hr ago My year in golf: So far they have counterbalanced their putters and are experimenting with full-swing clubs.

Confusing, to say the very least. The Boccieri grip for drivers Here’s a segment from earlier comments I made on the counterbalahcing Would the benefits be similar to irons as well?

They all have counterbalanced putters. Stetson 21 Dec I have read about it, but have never been convinced that something like this would help to keep the club on the swing plane.

Learn More at theartofsimplegolf. How much is it going cost? Lead can be installed inside the butt end of the shaft in several ways. A hole is drilled in the butt end of the grip, and drop-in weights are installed. So, does counterbalancing promote a draw or a fade??? You guys getting paid to write favorable articles?!? Posted July 26, Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2.


Counterbalancing newest trend in golf

If you were able to add weight to both the head and butt of the club, keeping the swing weight the same, but increasing the static weight, could a golfer achieve the same swing speed but transfer more energy to the ball due to high mass of the club? Countedbalancing, out of nowhere, we realized we were changing ball flight with drivers. Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie.

HI agree with Stuart, counterbalancing is mostly a longer trial and error process. That would affect the “feel” in your hands, which affects confidence – so you’d instincively put more oomph into the swing.

I would imagine the same principles apply for a full swing with a sword. By Bigmiddy21Tuesday at Jeff Sep 5, at 2: The swingweight is off the scale and counterbalancign register but that doesn’t matter to me because I love how I can feel the clubhead tracking around me the entire swing. Equipment 1 month ago.


Golf grip counterweight products | TourLock Golf

Now my head hurts. A set of weights tailored to you can then be ordered by a click of a button. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in counterbalancimg community. According to him, counter-balancing has the following benefits:.

Talking counterbalancing with Steve Boccieri and Tom Stickney

PGA Tour 18hr ago Tiger at If I bought the tour lock systemI could make the weight investment once, and choose any grip I want. I’ve wondered the same thing about drivers. Search Advanced Search section: You currently have javascript disabled. What is the hardest Golf Club to hit correctly?

Sorry to see so many negative comments from people who not even have tried them.